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About the Venue

Welcome to Ur Phantasii

Phantasii is a fully immersive digital venue to experience music, art, and community in the digital space. With a focus on pop-leaning musical artists, together we aim to connect artists and uplift the music scene through curated content and creative opportunity for artists and fans alike.

phanta IIII.PNG

Our Story

Phantasii is the brain-child of Placebo Records President, Symone Wilson. It was born out of the pandemic’s devastating effect on the music industry, and has continued to grow into something far beyond your typical live stream concerts of early quarantine. With the help of REM5, a virtual reality laboratory located in St. Louis Park, we have introduced an interactive, fully immersive digital venue and gathering space that continues to push boundaries beyond into the future of music and technology.


Symone Wilson

President & CoFounder

Loves rodents, that club in Batman Beyond, and freshly cooked linen


Kelsey Geiger

Label Manager & CoFounder

Loves Brooklyn 99, favorite Met gala was 2019, and loves BTS

Meet The Team

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